JGSGB Leadership

The JGSGB is run entirely by volunteers and an elected Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Heidi Urich ">President
Carolyn Kohlman ">Vice President, Membership
and Hospitality
Douglas Cohen Treasurer
Jessie Klein Secretary
Carol Bogin Electronic Communications
Carol Clingan ">Research Projects Coordinator
David Ellis Litvak-Baltic SIG Coordinator
Meredith Hoffman ">Special Publications
Judy Izenberg Past President, Volunteers
Ron Killian Infrastructure
Nancy Korn ">eNews Editor, Assistant Webmaster
Sonia Lipetz ">Infrastructure, Belarus SIG Coordinator
David Rosen ">Special Projects, Archivist, Email Queries
Daphnah Sage ">Mass-Pocha Co-Editor
Jay Sage ">Mass-Pocha Co-Editor
S. Saunders Program Committee Chair
Roger Weiss Webmaster