Volunteer Opportunities

Pay it Forward

At one time or another in your genealogy research, you’ve likely been helped by someone in some small or larger way. Perhaps it’s time to “Pay it Forward” by helping someone else.

DATABASE PROJECTS: We at JGSGB have some new opportunities for you to contribute to the genealogy community without even leaving your home. It involves doing simple computer data-entry work that could help thousands of others in their genealogical search.  Click on the lnks below to find out more about our current projects:

The databases created through these projects will be donated to JewishGen, where they will be published on their site and will be searchable by everyone for free.


IN-PERSON VOLUNTEERING: If you’d like to meet and help others by being in the thick of things, we also have volunteer opportunities for you at our monthly meetings. Click here and see what in-person volunteering is available.

Do a mitzvah-an act of human kindness

and contribute to the Jewish genealogy community.